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Pilates Tasmania is Tassie's principal group mat provider, leading the way with quality and government accredited instructors and personalised programming to suit all levels of fitness and ability. 

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Gin on the 7.30 Report...

Gin's other life as a PhD Candidate with the Antarctic Wildlife Research Unit at UTAS keeps her fairly busy, but a lot of us aren't really sure exactly what it is she does when she's squirrelled away in her little office on campus.  And then her Antarctic trips, well who knows what goes on down there!  

Last night she revealed all.  Click here to view her interview on the 7.30 Report (choose your bandwidth on the right hand side). 

Posted by Christie. 


Mary In Melbourne

The flights are booked, the accommodation is sorted and an appointment has been made for me to have another one hour studio Pilates workover with Kerrie Murphy! Infinity Pilates in Carlisle Street East St Kilda offers both private and group Pilates workouts from beginner to advanced level. My session with Kerrie a week ago left me inspired, envigorated and even more enthusiastic about my personal journey towards an even deeper understanding the Pilates technique. Watch this space...

Posted by Mary


The launch of Pilates Tasmania!

It happened one night at the Quarry restaurant, where the girls were having a drink after a couple of rather large mat classes, and were milling over the very positive feedback they had received.  'We love the variety! said one client.  'It's great having someone correct your movements...' said another. 

Mary, Gin and Christie each have different backgrounds in instructional training, and each have strengths of their own that they bring to a class.  What they do have in common is a very real passion for the Pilates method, and a keenness to share their knowledge and inspiration with as many people as possible.

So it was on this night at the Quarry, after a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc each, that the girls decided there was indeed strength in numbers, and that together they would change the world one Pilates class at a time. 

Pilates Tasmania was born.

Posted by Christie

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