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Pilates Tasmania is Tassie's principal group mat provider, leading the way with quality and government accredited instructors and personalised programming to suit all levels of fitness and ability. 

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Winter Warmer Pilates !

Winter will soon be upon us and what better time to keep our bodies moving and stay in shape in the comfort of our warm and cosy pilates space.

Our next 6 week pilates block is from 6:15 - 7:15pm on Wednesday June 6, at Albuera Street Primary School and is suitable for people who are beginners to basic level.

We provide the mats, the moves and the results, so all you need to do is come along and enjoy our fun classes.

The cost is $90 for 6 weeks, or $18 for casual classes.

Please register your interest here or via our facebook page so we can accommodate your visit and prepare you for our first class., and make sure to pass on the message to family, friends, and colleagues, as we welcome new faces to join us.

We look forward to you joining us for our Winter Warmer Pilates block !


Wanting to try pilates?

We are very pleased to announce our next beginners/basics mat course perfect for those who have been wanting to try pilates or would like a challenging and informative session of pilates fundamentals.

This mat course is starting on Wednesday the 11th of April at Albuera Street Primary School Hall from 6:15- 7:15pm with Ella and Emily. It is $90 for the 6 week course or $18 per casual session. Please register your interest here or via our facebook page. We look forward to having lots of fun teaching you all about your bodies and pilates.


East Africa Fundraiser

Be in the running to win fantastic prizes whilst also fundraising to help those impacted by the famine in east Africa. When you take a moment to think about it, the scale of this crisis is enormous. To put it in terms we can almost relate to, 12.4 million people are currently affected and that's more than half the Australian population. In southern Somalia alone, 300,000 children are on the brink of death - that's more children than the entire population of Hobart.

Raffle tickets are $5 each and the prizes include vouchers from Lenna of Hobart, Skintech, Grace Cosmetics, Jenny Mills jewellery, Pilates Tasmania plus many many more. Chat to Gin or Mary at your next class if you'd like a ticket. You can also attend the breakfast at which prizes will be drawn for just a $10 donation on Friday September 23 at PilatesPlease from 8am - 9.30am. We'd love to see you there.


Thursday evening venue change

We have some exciting news...

The rowers start back at the Derwent Mercantile Rowing Shed next week which inevitably results in crazy classes on a Thursday night. So, we've organised a new venue for the Thursday nighters - the mat space at PilatesPlease in Salamanca. You will now be able to enjoy your sessions without the stress of having to cross town in crazy peak hour traffic, with functional and effective heating (!) and be able to shower and clean up before heading out to Salamanca for dinner! Classes begin September 22nd. Contact us for more details.


What do I wear to pilates?

The most common question we get from clients just before their first session is "what do I wear?" More often than not we answer something along these lines: "wear something light and comfortable that you'll be able to move freely and easily in (and regardless of gender, loose shorts are not a great idea!)."  Then, without fail, we follow with: "if you want to invest in appropriate clothing, we always strongly suggest, rave and gush over Abi and Joseph." Those clients who have been with us for a while will notice that I'm (Gin) hardly ever not wearing my bateau top which is currently on sale and I don't mind if we're matching. Christie luuuurrrrvvvves the slim fit pilates pants and most of Abi and Joseph's pants come in regular, shorter and longer lengths. I have the camisole in both black and white and both get worn as often out of the studio as in. My luxury item that makes me feel absolutely fabulous is my midnight blue merino luxury wrap which is not currently stocked however, Abi and Joseph kicks butt in the ballet wrap area and have a myriad of lovely, styles, colours and fabrics. I hope to invest or even win(!) a few more items, especially the geometry top which looks incredibly flattering. I definitely need some new pants but I'm not the slim fit kind of gal so I'll be going for relaxed fit pant for shorties. Short of sounding like a walking advert for Abi and Joseph (which I truly don't mind being), you cannot beat the non-slip socks as the perfect pressie for your favourite pilates pal (as some of my clients found out this Christmas). And finally, for those clients who have been looking for an awesome matwork book to travel with or use at home, you can't beat the matwork book by the gorgeous Sally Anderson (who is currently training a group Hobart gals for their mat certification) available at Abi and Joseph. I could keep going, truly I could. But I do believe you've read enough. If you'd like to know more, check out the website or ask me for one of Abi and Joseph's beautiful brochures. See you in the studio - I'll be in Abi and Joseph!